Always seems to find you on a dark and lonely road.

And it has been a long drive for Gina (Taya Asimos)
and Lucy (Elizabeth Di Prinzio) as they return home
from the funeral of Sarah (Erika Smith), Gina's
cousin. Reminiscing about Sarah, the two are still
shell-shocked over her bizarre suicide. Suddenly,
from out of nowhere, a hitchhiker dressed in a white
dress appears in front of their speeding vehicle.

What happens next is a helluva trip...
"The Wanderer"
A horror short

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Poche Pictures
WRITER: Aaron Pope
DIRECTOR: Richard Poche

GINA: Taya Asimos
LISA: Elizabeth Di Prinzio
SARAH: Erika Smith
PRIEST: Cliff Poche

18 Minutes
"The Wanderer"
A horror short

Press coverage