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Here's an interview that was done with Stuart and she touches upon the filming of
"Crimson". The original interview can be found here:

10 Questions with Stuart Brazell

Stuart Brazell is a South Carolina native has worked with Director Richard Poche on
various films including “Amped” and the upcoming “Rescuing Rufus.” She has also
worked for AMC (American Movie Channel), as the host of their Oscar coverage and
“Date Night.” Today, Stuart is here to talk about her new film “Crimson,” in which she
co-stars with Erika Smith.

1) Tell us about yourself and how you got into acting?

From the age of three I craved the spotlight, I used to make my dad
follow me around with the video camera while I performed all sorts of
different acts, this included riding my tricycle into the garage wall.

I grew up on the stage- I LOVE musical theater! My first role was a
munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz" when I was 6 and I've been hooked ever

2) Which actors or actresses influenced you enough to become an actress?

Oh gosh, my favorite actress is Meryl Streep- she has had a truly
amazing career! I just rented one of her earlier movies, Kramer vs.
Kramer with Dustin Hoffman the other day and was blown away by her

3) Now, onto Crimson, which is available at retail stores now. How did you become
involved in this project?

This is the second film I've worked on with Richard Poche. We made
"Amped" back in 2004 and I had a blast working with him. So of course
when he offered me the role of Sammi I said hell yeah!

4) Tell us about the film and your character Sammi.

"Crimson" is your total campy hot vampire chick movie. Sammi was fun to play because
she's a very strong character who is good at heart and battling the evil inside her. I love
the action scenes and I love kicking ass!

5) One of things that I noticed in the film was the fact that the
film was pretty much an all female cast. What was it like on the set with
each of your co-stars?

All the girls rocked! We had the BEST time! I loved working with
Elizabeth Diprinzio again- she has become one of my closest friends in
Los Angeles.

6) What was your best moment that you had on the set of Crimson?

OOOOh- the last night of shooting, we had been going strong and it was
3 am and Elizabeth and I were delirious! We finally wrapped and Rich
was just shooting us hanging out and being complete idiots. It's on
the blooper reel.

7) What was it like working with director Richard Poche?

Richard Poche is fantastic! He's so calm and collected and always
makes the best of situations- he always finds a way to make it work.
But then again I'm great to work with too- haha!

8) I noticed in your bio on the Crimson website that you hosted a
program on American Movie Channel called "Date Night." What was it like working
there and what are your favorite date movies?

"Date Night" was SO much fun! Everyone at AMC is such a pro!

I think a comedy is always a great date movie, keeps things light and
stress free. Unless of course you're looking to snuggle up and get
some action, then go thriller all the way!

9) Any upcoming projects that you are involved in that you wish to
share with the readers of FilmArcade.net?

I'm looking forward to reporting on the red carpet for the ESPY awards!

10) What advice would you give to any actresses that are looking to break into the film

Don't get discouraged and just work, work, work- something will break!

I want to thank you for your time and good luck with Crimson, which is in stores now
from Passion River and on your future projects.
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